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Political Education Authority of the State Thuringia

In general our task is political education on public contract.

This means in detail:

  • Encouraging the development of a liberal democratic awareness and the disposition of civil participation and involvement.
  • Equipping the citizens with knowledge of the history of Thuringia and as a consequence help them to better indentify with their home land.
  • Informing about contemporary and historical contexts – especially regarding the Nazis and the socialist dictatorship.
  • Dealing with anti-democratic movements, especially with all forms of political extremism, on an intellectual-political level.
  • Communicating knowledge about the process of European integration as well as promoting the understanding of basic social developments.

Our Principles

Political Education on public contract works pluralistically, independently and above party lines. In order to ensure non-partisanship there is a board of trustees composed of 10 members of the Thuringian parliament.
Political Education does not wish to imply an opinion, but contribute to the forming of an opinion. What is discussed as a controversial issue in science and politics needs to be depicted in a controversial way.

Our Services

Our services apply especially to all citizens of Thuringia.
Nevertheless, everyone is welcome to visit our events and to obtain our wide range of publications. It is possible to download a large portion of the material online.

About Thuringia

About Thuringia
The Green Heart of Germany - read more about geographical aspects and Thuringia over the course of time
About Thuringia

Publications in english

Publications in english
Publications in english